Anonymous said: What are some of your favorite books, love? :)

the silmarillion, lord of the rings, the hobbit, unfinished tales - tolkien
the inheritance cycle - christopher paolini
river god, desert god, warlock, the quest - wilbur smith
lord of the silver bow, shield of thunder, fall of kings - david gemmell
imperium, lustrum, the fear index - robert harris

Anonymous said: your ass is my new religion. and tbh, it looks like a power bottom's ass. let me pray for it. wish i could meet in one day ... but i live across the ocean.

worship the booty 🙏🍑


無極天元宮吉野櫻 by king.f


Anonymous said: Why did 6 have sex with 7. Because 7 8 ass

I am 7

Anonymous said: What's more important in your life: bouncy twink butts or books?

I love both

Anonymous said: Ppl on tumblr with the best asses?

thorsagod2014 sprectum cynicz arsludicra nike-laos

Anonymous said: How does one get such a plump and beautiful butt?

squats and lots of bumsex



only posting this because im drunk